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The leader in quality mattresses is proud to introduce the LUXURIA, made by Sprout, a division of Araam, who also manufacture Hypnos Mattresses. (Hypnos has been awarded a royal warrant for over 40 years. Its what all the British royalty sleeps on) These are ALL NATURAL. HAND MADE mattresses. No chemicals, no glues, no off gassing, Now you don't have to go out of province to purchase these products. Remember Wiseguys has FREE DELIVERY over $599 within Saskatoon!!! . We are also the only mattress store listed on 3 MostTrusted for Saskatoon. Serta's Masterpiece line is incredible!!! (Wiseguys is the only dealer in Saskatoon for Serta's premium line) We also carry the best models from Lotus, Beautyrest, Pure Energy and Dreamstar in Saskatoon FACT!! most clearance or floor model or last one beds sold at the big chain stores are returned beds from customers.They are used beds!! We do not sell or keep used product of any kind in the store, no chance of getting bed bugs in your new mattress!! At Wiseguys, we DO NOT sell beds that are on infomercials, celebrity endorsed beds, house brands, private labels beds, or brands endorsed by an organization as their main selling point!!. We DO NOT push whats on sale, ( we have never had a sale in 16 years) what we have in stock, include so called free product (it's all added into the price for the bed! NOTHING IS FREE) or what we make the most money on! We know that our customers are smarter than to fall for that! What we will do is sell you the best bed that works for you, regardless if it is a $199 bed or a $7000 bed, because if you're not happy, you will not recommend us. A mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home, because if you don't sleep right, it affects your quality of life, and NOTHING should be influencing you except comfort and durability!! Each model of each brand was selected to give you the best value for your dollar! If we do not carry a model or brand, it was because it didn't meet OUR standards for our customers. NO 3's DRESSED UP AS 9's!! NO TRICKS, NO B.S. No phony half price; sales as we don't inflate our retail prices. Our regular pricing is usually lower than their so called sale price and we have a superior product as we are a true independent. We are not part of a chain, or a buying group, but deal directly with the factories in all aspects. We are the ONLY store in Saskatoon that is selling Serta's premium lines! Mattresses must be purchased from an authorized dealer to have warranty. Mattress purchased from auctions, from resellers (ex.out of a garage or off the back of a truck), used ,etc, have no warranty!! WISEGUYS MATTRESSES ALSO HAS BEDROOM FURNITURE We have new mattress and box spring sets for sale in all sizes. These are NEW and UNDAMAGED in there original factory bags. We carry Serta Masterpiece and I comfort, Restwell, Lotus, Dreamstar and Beautyrest. All our mattress pricing includes taxes and we give free delivery over $599 (within 30 k of Saskatoon) and free take away of your old set. Phone Wiseguys Mattresses at 652 1212 or come down and see us at #6- 805 circle dr. (beside the Fishing Hole) .Twin sets start at $349 tax in, Full sets start at $449 tax in, Queen sets starting at $549 tax in, Kings starting at just $1199 tax in. Yes we carry 48in sets, queen split boxsprings and sell mattresses and boxsprings separately . Why buy used and risk bringing in the unknown? Why buy from a guy selling from the back of a truck or from the back of a warehouse.Where do you go if you have problems? Remember, Freight damaged and used product has no warranty!! Mattresses must be purchased from an authorized dealer to have warranty. call 652 1212

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